Ballroom Class at Dance Studio

Testimonials from our beginners

We recieve many compliments from our beginners. Here are some of them:

"I started on a Thursday night six months ago and found the people friendly and the teaching staff fantastic. I look forward to it every week!".

"I needed to improve my social circle as I worked long hours and needed a break. Although I still think I have two left feet, I have masters a few dances and made some great friends.".

"My husband and I are in our forties and wanted something to do together. We tried the Thursday night class and its fantastic. I danced when i was at high school and had some horrible memories! This is just so much fun!".

"I figured that if I could dance I would impress the ladies! I am still working on it but having a ball AND losing my stomach.".

Class Update this week!

Congratulations to Janet who joined us for the first time. Well done. You had a smile on your dial all night.