Beginners Ballroom Class at Dance Studio

Want to Learn how to Dance?

Taking that First Step - We make it easy

Have you asked yourself the following questions?

  • What will I learn?
  • Do I need a partner?
  • I have two left feet! - will people think I am stupid?
  • What do I wear?
  • Do you have any contracts or is it pay as you go?
  • Do I get stuck with the same partner all the time?
  • Will I be able to use the dance steps I learn?
  • Do you have Eftpos/Credit Card facilities?
  • Am I too old to join in?

We can answer all of those questions and more putting your mind at ease!
Contact us now should you have any further enquiries.

A Note from our Principal.......

At Studio Two our dedicated Team are qualified, patient, experienced and LOVE Beginners. We have all been there.... Its like your first day at school.

On your first night we do not overload you with information. That is simply too hard for the brain to digest. You will earn the basics of a slow dance such as a Waltz or Rhythm Foxtrot and maybe the beginner basics of a cha cha or a easy Salsa.

You DO NOT need a partner and we encourage people to swap partners regularly. Even those who have been coming a while. Its social, fun and a great opportunity to meet others.

People learn differently and ant different levels. If you have two left feet that's OK! We work at a pace that is slow and focus on repetition. Its all about mastering the basic pattern at first. Here at Studio Two we have a terrific Beginner Program with Basic steps that even the diehard non dancer can achieve. you just need to give it a go! All we ask is your wear comfy shoes, so no rubber soles i.e.: runners an no killer stilettos..... well you can but it may be hard to learn :)

When you arrive we give you your first "test the waters" lesson for only $10 per person. We also include light refreshments, good music, great atmosphere and good company........ that's what the regulars think

We have no contracts at Studio Two Dance Centre commanding high fees. You simply pay as you go. We do have a Pass card though where you can get two classes for free if you buy classes in advance. We do have Eftpos and Credit Card facilities to make life a little easier!

As for AGE... well we are all conscious of that one.... Ladies and Gentleman The answer is NEVER too old! We have people from all walks of life who come to dance. Whether it be for fitness, friendship, socialising, bucket wish list or all of the above - our Team are here for you.

At Studio Two we have regular functions for you to attend to practice your dancing and even bring your friends and family along to watch . Its all about YOU

You may wish to learn for a particular function i.e.:wedding, dinner dance etc or simply because you are sick of sitting down whilst watching people dance.

We have all been there and it IS POSSIBLE to learn. You just have to walk through that door! I really look forward to seeing you at the Studio real soon. Just remember you don't not have to book for our Beginners Class. Just turn up. We would love to see you.

Kind Regards
Simone Towndrow-Smith
Studio Two Dance Centre