Ballroom Class at Dance Studio

Ballroom Classes for Adults at Studio Two Dance Centre

Intermediate New Vogue Class
Wednesdays: 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm
$20 Casual
includes FREE DANCING prior to class

If you know all the basics and want to learn some extra dances in New Vogue for our fabulous Saturday night Socials then this is the class for you. Instructional class in a relaxed environment. Commencing NOW!

Four week Skills Class

Ideal for the social dancer wanting to learn more about:
- Posture
- Balance
- Lead
- Awareness of Partner

If you want to hone your skill level as lady or man this short specialised class is for you. Book now!

Beginner / Intermediate Ballroom Social Class
Thursdays: 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm
$20 Casual
includes FREE SOCIAL until 9.30 pm

AN ideal class for both Beginners and Intermediate Dancers. Tuition is taught in to specific personalised groups - catering to your ability.


Because we all love to socialise we will come together throughout the night.

An ideal class to learn all the basics. No hassle! Learn Cha Cha, Waltz, Jive, Foxtrot and more. Have fun whilst you learn in a relaxed social environment! If you think you have two left feet and want to do something about it - this is for you! New beginners are our speciality. Just give it a go! An ideal class for those dancers who are unable to make it Wednesday nights or want another night to brush up their skills. A great easy to learn fun class for all. No denim or runners please!

Intermediate Dancer Challenge
Ok your a regular to our wonderful class and you have a few dances under your belt and want to learn a bit more? Over the coming weeks we will be introducing a surprise dance sequence for you to tackle. Have fun we know you will enjoy it!

Dancesport Latin Practice Class with David Byrnes
9pm Fridays

For those getting ready for the upcoming competitive events or those wishing to push their fitness boundaries! Bring a towel and a drink bottle and get ready to sweat in this pumped environment.

Competition DANCESPORT Practice Class
$7 per person.
Selected Saturdays - see below

Bring your partner, towel and drink bottle. This is stamina training at its best for medallist, recreational and graded competitive enthusiasts. Rebecca Stanning our resident professional national and international coach will put you through your paces. No bookings required. Everyone welcome!

3.00pm New Vogue
3.30pm Ballroom
4.30pm Latin

February Dates: 4/2; 11/2; 18/2;
March Dates: 4/3; 11/3; 25/3;